How To Use Incense Cones

By Admin Oct26,2022
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Incense burners are a new centre of attraction for everyone. They are elegant and aesthetic. But some people need to learn more about Incense and its burners. Some people are scared of lighting up Incense because they don’t know how to use it, and some are more concerned about their health when it comes to burning Incense. There needs to be more clarity about Incense. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. So let’s discuss the Incense.


Incense is made with some natural woods or flowers. Drying these specific woods and fol creates licenses in different shapes. Every shape is made for another type of incense burner Every wood or flower from which the Incense is made has a specific fragrance and purpose. Incense burner has many benefits, but some people still need clarification about how these smoky burners are healthy, so here is the answer to these queries.

Is burning Incense beneficial?

Some think that the incense burners are overhyped. They are just a piece of art which looks elegant, but they could be more beneficial. So readers, let me clear all these doubts of yours. The incense burner is a familiar decoration piece. It has a history.

History of burning Incense

In ancient times, there were no other means of any room freshener. But a human is always attracted towards beautiful fragrant. So the fresh flowers were used as a source of fragrance. Then they dried out these flowers and wood, called Incense.

Incenses for spiritual and meditation purposes

In ancient times, priests used to burn this Incense at their worship places. At that time, Incense was used to attract positive energies. Still, in this modern era, Incense is used at meditation centres to attract positive energies. People need meditation so that they can get their piece of mind, could balance their life. For a calm nature, people do meditation. While doing meditation, people need a specific atmosphere with no negative energies in the surroundings. So burning Incense helps in creating this kind of atmosphere.

Burning Incense at home

Some people are enthusiastic about burning Incense, so they also use it in their homes and workplaces. It looks elegant, has a different vibe, smells so good, and keeps away all the negative energies from their lives.

Incense burners as a room freshener

Most people love it if their room smells magnificent. At the same time, people want to adopt an organic and 100% natural lifestyle. So they avoid using chemical-based room fresheners. Increases are the best alternative to these chemical-based room fresheners. But some people have doubts that this Incense leads to smoke. So this smoke isn’t harmful? Well, I have the answer to your this doubt.

Is burning Incense harmless?

As I mentioned, this Incense is made explicitly of flowers and wood. The smoke of this Incense doesn’t have any harmless properties. If you are comparing the smoke of a cigarette with Incense, then the smoke of a cigarette contains the properties of nicotine. On the other hand, Smoke of Incense includes fragrance of a flower or wood from which that specific Incense has been made.

Note: if someone is already suffering from respiratory issues, they must avoid smoke. After burning Incense, consult your doctor immediately if you feel any allergic reaction on your skin, eyes, or anywhere because chemical-based incenses are harmful. So be careful.

Types of incenses

Incense is distributed in different types based on shapes and the central flower or wood, like sandalwood, lavender and many more, from which the Incense has been made. So, let’s discuss these shapes.

So the incenses are.

  • Spiral
  • Sticks
  • Cones

So the spiral and sticks shapes are the most common and easy to burn Incense. But the most creative Incense is the cone shape incense. It is tricky when you need to burn cone incense for a waterfall incense burner.

How to use cone incense

Burning incensefac cones for a waterfall incense burner is quite tricky. It would be best if you burned it correctly so that the downfall of smoke looks perfect. So here is the step-by-step procedure for burning a cone of Incense.


  1. Firstly you need to clean the cone incense properly with the help of tissue or any other cloth. So that there is no dirt particle on the cone while burning it.
  2. Then carefully hold the incense cone with the help of a steal tweezer. 3. After that, with the help of a litter or a match stick, lightened the cone incense. 4. The cone incense will catch the flame and start burning immediately. 5. When the Incense starts creating ashes, blow the fire off, and the Incense will begin producing fragrant smoke.
  3. Then carefully place the cone onto the waterfall incense.
  4. The smoke will start falling to the edges of the waterfall incense burner. And this is how you can burn the cone incense correctly. The smoke will look like a beautiful fountain. The smoke feels like water falling calmly. So it’s soothing to the eyes as well. Instructions
  • Be careful before lightning the Incense so that you don’t hurt yourself. ● Keep these burning Incense away from flammable material, like curtains and other clothes.
  • Place the incense burner in the proper place.
  • Keep this Incense away from children.
  • Keep these burners away from direct contact with water. Because water will ruin the Incense.
  • Before burning Incense, make sure that the Incense is 100% natural. ● If you feel any allergic reaction due to Incense. Blow them off immediately and concern your doctor ASAP.

Incense burners

Incense burners are the main box in which these increases are burned. These burners are safe and convenient. Burners are chosen according to the shape of the Incense, so the burner categories are.

  1. If you are using stick incense, then there are boat-shaped burners which are specially designed to hold stick incense
  2. A coil holder incense burner is available if you use coil incense.
  3. If you are burning cone incense, the most attractive incense burner is available, which is the incense waterfall burner. It is one of the most beautiful incense burners.


So burning Incense is beneficial for gaining concentration during meditation. If it is 100% organic, there are no side effects. But if the Incense is chemical based, it is harmful and will irritate your skin and eyes. So do not use chemical-based Incense. The Lavender incense burner is my personal favourite. But here is another piece of advice: before buying Incense, ensure that the specific Incense has a suitable fragrance for you. Sometimes the odour is not suitable, or the flower or wood from which the Incense has been made could be better for someone. So every Incense is only for some. It would be best if you tried it according to yourself.

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