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Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of people searching for “lifeguard courses near me” online. With summer in full swing, many folks are taking the initiative to get certified as lifeguards to take advantage of the growing opportunities in the aquatics industry. But what’s really driving this surge in interest for local lifeguard classes? Here are a few of the main factors contributing to the increasing popularity of lifeguard Courses near me programs close to home.

Expanding Job Market

As the weather warms up, more and more public pools, waterparks, and beaches are opening their doors for the season. This means an growing demand for qualified, trained professionals to supervise these aquatic facilities and ensure visitors’ safety in and around the water. According to the American Lifeguard Association, the number of advertised openings for part-time and seasonal lifeguard positions has risen by nearly 15% since 2020. As lifeguard jobs become more readily available, certification courses that allow people to easily qualify for these roles are experiencing a parallel spike in enrollment.

Hands-On Training:

American Lifeguard Events prides itself on hands-on, skills-focused instruction. Courses cover water rescues, first aid, CPR, use of safety equipment like backboards, and scanning techniques to spot emergencies before they happen. Students practice their skills in a real water environment. This interactive learning style gives you confidence in your abilities before starting the job.

Lifestyle Flexibility

For many, being a lifeguard provides an attractive seasonal job opportunity. It allows individuals, especially students, to work primarily during summer breaks when classes are not in session. The relaxed, outdoor work environment is also more appealing to some than being stuck inside an office. With certification classes to fit any schedule, prospective lifeguards can earn their qualifications while still having plenty of free time for other summer activities. This work-life flexibility is a major incentive fueling the rise of the “lifeguard courses near me” search term.

Certification Renewals:

Lifeguard certifications don’t last forever – American Lifeguard Events offers refresher courses as well to keep your qualifications up to date. Many facilities require renewing certifications annually. Refresher training covers any lessons learned or advances in lifesaving techniques from the past year. It’s an opportunity to practice crucial skills and re-certify efficiently.

In-Demand Summer Jobs:

Theme parks, water parks, public pools, beaches – everywhere people congregate near water this summer will need trained lifeguards on duty. Many returning seasonal lifeguards have moved on to other careers after the pandemic, leaving openings galore. Employers are actively recruiting for these jobs and offering competitive wages. American Lifeguard Events ensures you’ll have the recognized certifications large establishments demand.

Useful Skill for Resume

Earning lifeguard certification lends transferable skills that are valuable outside the pool deck too. Employers in many other fields appreciate candidates who can demonstrate experience with responsibility. Vigilance, risk assessment and decision making under pressure – all core components of lifeguard training. Having this credential on your resume signals to potential employers. That you gained marketable soft skills even from a seasonal, temporary role. For those just starting their careers or in between jobs. Lifeguard certification provides resume-building qualifications that could help land future opportunities.

Helping Others

For many, becoming a lifeguard stems from a desire to help people and ensure their safety during recreational aquatic activities. The certification process teaches life-saving strategies, first aid protocols and how to effectively manage emergency situations. Once certified, guards play an active role in injury prevention and can literally save lives with their skills if the need arises. For some, this sense of purpose makes lifeguarding a personally meaningful role beyond just a summer job.

Convenient Class Locations

As aquatic facilities multiply, so have the training providers for their lifeguard workforces. Now major certification organizations like the American Lifeguard Association offer classes at many neighborhood recreation centers, pools, high schools and community colleges across the country. Short classroom sessions are commonly scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate varied schedules. With options for lifeguard prep courses popping up everywhere, it’s no wonder searches for “lifeguard courses near me” have taken off. Convenience is a driving factor in the hike in popularity for local training programs.

Final Opinion

As more Americans look to balance work with their recreational activities this summer, getting certified as a lifeguard has proven an attractive option. Thanks to expanding job prospects and flexible hours, the availability of convenient, resume-building training near home, and the chance to help others, lifeguard certification classes across the nation are busier than ever. So whether you’re looking for seasonal work experience or a sense of purpose this summer, finding a lifeguard course near you is an opportune way to get involved in the industry.

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