Under PM-UDAY, over 7,500 Delhi families have become homeowners.

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A NEW DELHI: Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs Kaushal

Kishore told the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that 7,576 families have

been given ownership rights to their

homes in non-developed unauthorized

As reported by the minister to the Upper House of Parliament, 7,576

conveyance documents and authorization papers were provided to residents of Delhi’s illegal colonies.

The BJP-led Central government announced the PM-UDAY, or Pradhan

Mantri Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana, plan in October 2019.

The National Capital Territory of Delhi (Recognition of Property Rights of Residents in

Unauthorized Colonies) Act, 2019, was

unrecognized colonies in Delhi.

The plan, long sought by locals, will grant property titles to the residents of 1,731 officially recognised unlawful colonies spread out over the nation’s capital.

A general power of attorney (GPA), will, agreement to sell, possession letter, and any

other documents evidencing payment of consideration held by

residents of unauthorized colonies can be registered

under the scheme for a nominal fee, according to a communication from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

It was announced on July 18 that more

than four lakh people had signed up for

the PM-Unauthorized Colony in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana A, according to

Union Urban Development Minister Hardeep Singh Puri (PM-UDAY).

The government organization that owns property in the nation’s capital, the

Delhi Development Authority (DDA), will act as the scheme’s central point of contact.

A NEW DELHI: Union minister Hardeep Puri announced on Saturday that more

than 7,300 families have been granted ownership

rights and more than pm uday dda 4.1 lakh people have enrolled

so far for the PM-Unauthorized Colony in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana (PM-UDAY). On October 29, 2019, the government of India introduced PM-UDAY to provide

people living in 1,731 unauthorized colonies (UCs) in Delhi the legal right to own their homes.

There have been 4,19,485 registrations under PM-UDAY, and so far 7,329

families in Delhi’s unrecognized colonies have been

granted ownership. The Indian Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Puri, took to Twitter to discuss urban issues.

He also linked to a two-part video from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA)

that provides a detailed guide for completing the registration process electronically.

The application for this programme can be completed entirely in cyberspace.

If a person is unable to register at

home, they are encouraged to visit

their local Common Service Centre (CSC) or get in touch with a recognised

organization empanelled to assist people in conducting the registration, for a small cost.

The Survey of India and the Revenue Department of the Delhi Government

have collaborated to use satellite imagery from 2015 to map out the boundaries of these UCs,

and the DDA has been designated as

the scheme’s nodal agency.

After making a pledge, Puri stated, “We maintained the promise.”

“Those in illegal colonies can finally rest easy knowing they have legal standing to build and own their homes. The signup process is quick and painless, “A statement he made. Pm uday yojana

The DDA will review applications and issues transfer deeds for public land

and authorization slips for private land used solely for dwellings under the programme.

The sub-office registrar’s is where the beneficiaries can go to have these documents recorded.




















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